iOnTRAVEL - The Travel Plan Monitoring Tool
Overview of functionality

Customisable home page for each site, featuring a synopsis and traffic-light style indicator of progress against travel plan targets.
  • Targets and Action Plans for each site, with records of results delivered.

  • Automatic calculation of carbon emissions and parking levels based on local authority standards.

  • Library of documents relating to each travel plan.

  • Shared access to individual travel plans by developers/site managers and local authority officers.

  • Local Authority review and approval of information entered by planning applicants at each stage of development.

  • Automatic reminders of travel plan dates and milestones.

  • Management overview of the status of every travel plan within a local authority area including residential travel plans.

  • Modal split and action analysis and reporting system for each individual site and as an aggregate by district or year of approval/occupation.

Local Authorities will be able to purchase the core iOnTRAVEL system at an initial cost of 7950 +VAT.

This includes:
  • Non-exclusive, non-transferable, independent rights to use the iOnTRAVEL system.

  • Customisation of features of the system to local specification

  • (2 days of analysis and configuration).

An add-on module for the design and implementation of on-line staff and residents surveys is also available, at a cost of 1950 + VAT.

Hosting, Support and Maintenance

Hosting and support will be provided by the system developers, Netspin, at a cost of 2,465 +VAT per year for the core iOnTRAVEL system, and 600 +VAT per year for the Survey module. This includes:
  • Hosting on secure, high-availability servers, accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a week.

  • Telephone and email support 09:00-17:00 Monday Friday (excluding public holidays).

  • Maintenance releases, upgrades and additions.